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Resources That Can Aid in Defining Employee Eldercare Work/Life Challenges


“We don’t have an eldercare problem”

Elder Care Benefits: An Aid in Recruitment

Benefits as a retention tool

Solving Employee Eldercare Challenges

“It’s not always Alzheimer’s…my father and Lewy Body Dementia”

More information on other dementias:

The ReACT Coalition:

CES is proud to be a contributing member of the ReACT Coalition dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by employee caregivers and reducing the impact on the companies that employ them.

Continuing Education:

The Senior Learning Network
Connect to Learning – Connect to Others

The Senior Learning Network (SLN) allows viewers to pursue knowledge through lifelong learning, directly over the internet. Whether it’s learning how to dance, speak a foreign language, improve your golf swing or start a book club, SLN brings remarkable people and programs right into your world. Continue learning regardless of distance, through streams, center to center communications, blogs, and professional development presentations.

The Senior Learning Network is proud to be a Socially Aware L3C organization.

Senior Learning Network

Corporate Eldercare Solutions, llc is a Senior Learning Network provider. Please contact us to learn more: Phone: 414-763-6333 or Email us with the subject line ‘Senior Learning Network’.

Recommended Reading:

"Love, Laughter, & Mayhem - Caregiver Survival Manual For Living With A Person With Dementia" is available through the author's website,, or

“The stories in this book provide excellent information, are shared with compassion, and the short chapters are an easy reading "break" for caregivers. This affordable book draws you in immediately and the ongoing entertaining titles of the chapters are a welcome selling point.”  

Video Calling:

EasyConnect HD is the video calling solution that connects families to their loved ones living in senior communities. Whether it's a "virtual visit" to have the grandkids talk face-to-face with grandma living at the senior community or a Virtual Care Conference to allow family members to attend from anywhere in the world, EasyConnect HD is the answer.

Visit to learn more or call (414) 216-3366.


Recommended Documentary Film:

Consider the Conversation is a series of films created by Terry Kaldhusdal and Michael Bernhagen of Wisconsin. Both men lost loved ones to severe chronic disease and struggled to make sense of what was happening. 

Their personal experiences led them to produce documentaries with one simple goal in mind - inspire culture change that results in end-of-life care that is more person-centered and less system-centered.


Recommended Elder Style:

Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older adults. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.


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