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“The number of caregivers in the workforce
increased threefold from 2005 to 2010.”

Today’s Caregiver Hernandez, Gema


Manage Your Employee Eldercare Challenges


“In 2011, the ComPsych Corporation (the world's largest provider of employee assistance programs) reported that 14% of employee calls about work-life issues concerned eldercare.” Article

These are employees willing to admit they have eldercare difficulties and seek help for them!

To get the kind of specific intelligence that identifies your employee eldercare issues, Contact CES . Learn the most effective solutions for your company.

“An employee will perform better at work if he’s comfortable with the decisions made regarding a parent.”

Brian O’Connor, Director of employment benefits for Clarian Health; Gresham, Lynn in Employee Benefit News, July 2008, Vol 22 No 9 p.24

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CEES© is the measurement and identification tool facilitating CES recommended eldercare problem solving solutions for business.

  1. Fact finding and project communication with senior professionals in human resources, executives involved in the concerns of corporate productivity management, benefit managers, HR consulting firms or Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).
  2. Assistance in communicating the importance of employee participation in the CEES© and an introduction prior to employee participation to help increase buy-in.
  3. The distribution and completion of the CEES© tool by CES (if logistically feasible) or by the lead company project representative with the assistance of CES.
  4. CES study response retrieval.
  5. Statistical entry of additional data.
  6. The analysis and interpretation of the data.
  7. The development of a corporate findings and recommendations report.
  8. A secondary review by Dr. Krista Moore.
  9. Delivery of report to senior company contact.
  10. Option for proposal to include solutions action plan.

All services are provided by Veronica Woldt, MA, gerontologist and
principal, Corporate Eldercare Solutions llc with statistic and analysis
review by Krista Moore, Ph.D.


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